Wareable launches PULSE – the new word on wearable tech

Wareable launches PULSE – the new word on wearable tech

Wareable.com, the leading website in wearable technology, proudly announces the launch of PULSE, a new subscription-based platform offering unparalleled insights into the wearables and digital health sectors.

With smart rings, spatial computing, new health sensors, and AI-driven consumer digital health devices set to transform wearables, PULSE arrives at a crucial moment for the industry. PULSE by Wareable is designed for wearables insiders, leadership teams, developers, marketers, and anyone with a deep interest in the wearables industry, to gain a deeper understanding of this rapidly changing market.

It’s not just a newsletter; it is an exclusive community that grants subscribers access to essential industry and product news, and brings them closer to key players and decision-makers shaping the wearables industry.

Wareable co-founder and Editor-in-chief of PULSE James Stables said:

“I spend hours every month having incredible conversations with those shaping the wearables industry. I’m really excited that we have the chance to bring that content to the PULSE audience and create a community around the conversations in wearables, digital health, and connected technology.”

PULSE offers a free weekly newsletter, but premium subscribers gain much more: in-depth weekly articles by top writers, interviews with industry-leading CEOs and entrepreneurs, and access to podcasts and videos.

Exclusive premium tiers offer unique opportunities like direct interaction with the Wareable team, member-only industry webinars, and personalised product consultancy.

Exclusive offer

All PULSE content will be free to read for one month – but those who choose a paid tier in this time will get 20% off their subscription for the first year. What’s more, every subscriber – free or paid – will receive a free 28-page CES 2024 wearables report white paper that outlines the key products and trends from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Launching PULSE is a strategic move for Wareable to deepen its connection with a specific audience segment, offering a more direct relationship and catering to their need for quality editorial content. This initiative aligns with CANDR Media’s commitment to quality journalism and growing its direct relationship with its consumers.

Chris Dicker, CEO of CANDR Media Group, had this to say:

“As the leading authority in the wearable tech space, Wareable’s expansion with PULSE was a natural next step in growing the brand’s footprint even further. This launch is not just about providing content; it’s a testament to Wareable’s ongoing industry expertise having been the voice of authority for over 10 years. Through PULSE, we’re excited to enhance our engagement with our audience and continue to be at the forefront of wearable technology.”

For more information and subscription details, visit https://wareable.substack.com/.

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